CJC Reentry

Criminal Justice Commission-Funded Reentry Evaluation

Principal Investigator: Michael R. McCart, PhD

Reentry programs are designed to facilitate an offender’s release from prison and successful integration back into the community. Previous research has found positive outcomes with reentry programs but has not yet established a clear set of best practices. This 1-year study evaluates the reentry programs in Washington and Linn Counties—specifically, to address whether participation in reentry services decreases recidivism following prison release. These services include assessment and case planning by a reentry specialist prior to release from prison; a professional mentor who provides emotional and instrumental support before and after prison release; and a range of post-release supportive services, including 1) enhanced supervision from a Community Corrections officer, 2) comprehensive substance abuse and/or mental health treatment, and 3) access to short-term housing services (as needed). The Oregon Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) provided the funds for ODI Investigators (Drs. McCart, Sheidow, and Chapman) to conduct this reentry evaluation.

Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of Reentry Programs in Washington and Linn Counties – Final Report