Training Support System for Contingency Management

This ground-breaking project, funded by the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) initiative, connects community-based therapists with advanced training in a scientifically-certified treatment, as well as ongoing expert feedback and support to address adolescent substance abuse. Contingency Management (CM), a treatment designed to help families eliminate their teens’ drug and alcohol use, and proven effective in controlled studies, has been tailored to fit the needs of therapists working in all types of public settings. The team working on this SBIR has developed training and support processes that are delivered via an easily accessible and cost-effective web-based Training Support System (TSS). These innovative teaching strategies encourage treatment fidelity and enhance the likelihood of its success by merging scientific advancement with real-world practice. Thus far, the project has produced a version of the Training Support System which is ready for commercial use. The current phase of the project is studying the effectiveness of the TSS with therapists operating in community-based agencies all over the United States working in outpatient and justice office settings.