Patricia Chamberlain, PhD

Patricia Chamberlain developed the KEEP and the Treatment Foster Care Oregon (formerly Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care) evidence-based interventions that are widely implemented in the U.S. and internationally.  She is the Science Director at the Oregon Social Learning Center ( and the Principal Investigator on a National Institute on  Drug Abuse P50 Center of Excellence-Translational Drug Abuse Prevention in Child Welfare Systems (with Fisher). She has conducted several studies on treatment for children, youth, and families in the child welfare, juvenile justice, and mental health systems. She has been the Principal Investigator on 9 randomized trials examining the efficacy of parent mediated intervention approaches.  A current area of focus is on implementation research which examines what it takes to integrate and scale-up evidence-based practices in to real world agencies and systems.  Most recently these efforts have involved the New York City child welfare system, where over 300 caseworkers and supervisors serving over 2,000 children and families were trained, and the child welfare system in the state of Tennessee in 4 regions that include 10 counties. Once rolled out statewide, the study will enroll 175 regional administrators, 300 supervisors, and 1,200 caseworkers serving over 8,000 children.  Dr. Chamberlain’s recent work has also focused on the development of intervention models for adolescent girls in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. In addition to working on research aimed at improving outcomes for youth and foster and biological families, she is interested in how to support child public service systems to improve the efficiency of their routine practices. She is currently involved in helping communities in the U.S. and Europe implement and scale up evidence-based interventions. Chamberlain is a senior fellow at the Society for Prevention Research and received their Research to Practice Award in 2007. She has authored three books and more than 85 peer reviewed publications on evidence-based treatment approaches, therapy process, outcome research, methodology, and foster care.

Read more about Dr. Chamberlain’s work at the Oregon Social Learning Center, ODI’s research partner organization.

Representative Publications:

Dishion, T., Forgatch, M., Chamberlain, P., & Pelham, W. E. (2016). The Oregon model of behavior family therapy: From intervention design to promoting large-scale system change. Behavior Therapy, 47, 812-837.

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